Awe Snap! Another hour of work just vanished. Please reload

I have a design that I need 8 -4" circles as coasters and a three part coaster holder. I can get seven, but with the smaller engrave area, getting eight is going to be very tight, so a lot of effort is spent working out an arrangement that will fit. I just about get there when the screen says “Awe Snap! Something just went wrong! Please Reload.” And now all the settings are gone, all the undos are gone, and what was fitting no longer does. This would be annoying happening once, but three more times in the same setup took most of the afternoon. It is now on a three hour engrave and cut, and I do hope it works and cuts near where it says it will be cutting.

That’s no fun. Sorry you lost some work.

Arranging in your external editor (inkscape, etc) is probably more precise and reproducible if you’re that tight for space… might also reduce the chances of this recurring?


Not a solution but might be helpful…

Are you talking about dragging objects around on the GF screen for placement? I’ve had the UI crash when dragging larger files. I’ve never had it crash using the arrow keys.

Try using the arrows for fine movements and shift-arrows for larger steps.

Actually that would not work at all as I eventually had to change out the piece of wood for one very slightly larger and predicting where the go/no go line is I have not seen any sort of consistency as it is different on each thickness and on each reload as that is what caused the need to rearrange each time.

That’s the same diameter of the coasters I have set up for engraving -4"…and I can get 8 on one sheet of PG. Are you having difficulties because you also have the pattern for the holder squeezed in there, too?

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This all goes back to my economic argument for not worrying about losing some material.

You’ve wasted an hour fiddling, and now everyone who reads this post will spend some time trying to help you when you clearly have some really specific constraints that make it all but impossible to offer any sort of real solutions.

Granted, the point of your post is to complain about the aw snap, which I think is a script failure in browser, but again, there’s nothing any non-gf staffer can do for you there unless it’s reproducible. (and possibly not even they can help. Depends on so much)

Maybe you’re in a really specific situation where crazy precision is 100% warranted… in that case, I’d use a jig. I definitely wouldn’t spend any time mucking about with trying to align anything that precisely in the UI.

Anyway, I don’t know what your hourly rate is, but mine is way too high to fool with this sort of thing.


I have used the nudge keys a lot but everything was so close that when one had to move it would affect the ones nearby and those would affect others that in turn might make one not work at all and still more rearranging would be needed. Even now I am just hoping several are not ruined

Yes :blush:

My plan was to have it all done at once and not start a new sheet just for the holder. It looked very doable if I just arranged them a bit better.

Well, done now and almost got it! I could have as there was room if I thought about it enough.

The extra time spent was not intentional as it keeps looking like just a moment more for quite a lot of moments more. As to what the folks at Glowforge can do is keep some more of the information stored so when that happens one does not have to re-enter all the info again and after a crash maybe lose only your last command and not everything including undo and copy paste.

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Thank you for the feedback - I’ve shared it with the team. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, please post a new topic.