Awe Snap! Another hour of work just vanished. Please reload

This all goes back to my economic argument for not worrying about losing some material.

You’ve wasted an hour fiddling, and now everyone who reads this post will spend some time trying to help you when you clearly have some really specific constraints that make it all but impossible to offer any sort of real solutions.

Granted, the point of your post is to complain about the aw snap, which I think is a script failure in browser, but again, there’s nothing any non-gf staffer can do for you there unless it’s reproducible. (and possibly not even they can help. Depends on so much)

Maybe you’re in a really specific situation where crazy precision is 100% warranted… in that case, I’d use a jig. I definitely wouldn’t spend any time mucking about with trying to align anything that precisely in the UI.

Anyway, I don’t know what your hourly rate is, but mine is way too high to fool with this sort of thing.