Awesome Cardboard Art


I don’t recall if this was ever here in the forums, but this artist’s work with cardboard is pretty amazing.


Awesome art! Love stuff like this.


Outstanding work! What fun!


The elephant in the truck and the nighttime shots are amazing. Thanks for the link.


That was really cool! Thanks for posting that.


man thats amazing! I wonder if he used 123d make or something similar for the skeletons


Woooo, so cool!


I’m surprised how hollow they are. Nice!


for some beautiful free paper models, check this site:

(they even have a hedgehog !!!)

PS look around the site - great paper models and popups,etc.


Whoaaa! Kewl! :sunglasses:


Very nice - bookmarking that one!


wait what? that’s from… Yamaha Motors?

oh, whew, I was worried there for a sec that they had not made motos.


Am I the only one who saw the left side as Ruffles potato chips? :slightly_smiling_face:


DiDn’t want to start a brand new topic for this paper art ( amybe I should have). But check out this “paper” artist/sculptor : Calvin Nicholls

He even did a Hedgehog !!!

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OMG! That’s unbelievable! :grin:

(It makes my head hurt just to think of it.)


HOW?! Just HOW?! I’m still staring and I’ve but one question… HOW?!


There are times when words aren’t enough, only tears will do.


I think that is what Jules looks like. :grin:


The eyes are a bit different…but otherwise… :wink: