Awesome sign inspiration



I love signs and advertising so I thought I’d share one of my favorite inspirational sign companies. They make such beautiful stuff! Make sure and check out their blog for some good info.

Here’s a few of my favorite examples of their work.


Those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


Yes, this is exactly the type of signage I was dreaming up in my Glowforge dreams!!!


Very nice! I love these kinds of signs. I have several Pintrest boards for Glowforge Inspiration including this one just for signage inspiration:


Lovely signs. You can tell a lot of thought goes into their design.


Ahhh I love that first one!
These are super cool. Thanks for sharing


Yeah! More Pinterest boards for me to follow!


Me too Johnny! This is exactly the kind of stuff I want to do too :slight_smile:


It made me laugh as we have the exact same stuff saved on Pintrest. Obviously great minds think alike lol.

Edited to add: I didn’t have this one! These are so amazing. I think forged signs are simply stunning and I’d love to learn the process to do this.


Is that HD urethane foam laserable ?
I can’t think of any reason why not, but I don’t see any specifics on their site.
Perhaps I haven’t searched enough.
I know that some might be problem, but anyone know of this specific product ?


strictly speaking urethane foams are laserable, but it’s up to the end user to make sure that every specific formulation they buy is safe (so the answer is probably but).


They may be laserable (like @jrnelson says), but they might not be engravable, depending what the settings require. It could turn large areas of it into a bunch of melted goo. The faux metal signs look great. It’s something I was wanting to do, but if you reread the post they’re using a CNC for routing, not engraving with laser.


This. Is. So. Rad!


I would be thinking along the lines of cutting thin sheets that would then be laminated, to build up signs like those shown. A lot quicker and more energy efficient, imho.


You could do that, but it gets tricky with finer details or speed in terms of placement if you have to manually place things all the time. To each their own. :grin:


I’m more interested in the spray metal they use. I did some Googling but only found sources that worked with industrial customers, not average folks. Anybody know of spray metals like this that somebody like me could do?


ME TOO! That’s the part I found cool. Would love to know if it’s available to hobbyists.


I have samples of that Precision Board HDU to test. It should engrave wonderfully.


Now that you mention it, I just remembered I have a couple small samples of a couple brands of HDU I had been meaning to test on my CNC router. Thanks for the reminder!


I’ll be curious about how well it works! Please let us know