Awkward Conversation at the Mall with a CNC booth

That does look useful! Here is a cheaper alternative, I don’t know how well it works but I might get one and try it.

Snap to Vent Straight


Dude you have a laser! Get some neodymium magnets and make one!


Agreed… use the laser to cut a 4-inch wide escutcheon with holes to glue neodym magnets into, and merge two projects into one. :slight_smile:


You mean like these?

I think I have the materials now and am ready to tackle this job. I couldn’t find them in my workshop so I cleaned everything this morning of laser detritus and offcuts and there they were in a plastic bag.


Oh yeah. It’s game on now

2 Likes is a good place to go for unaccountably cheap rare earth magnets.


Sounds like a great first project :smile:

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The great thing about this, is if you get it working well and prototyped (and added to the catalog), there’s a good chance this will be one of those things that everyone cuts first when they get their glowforge.


I am loving that mag vent. I have a filter, but I’m also planning to vent the laser and the mag vent is just awesome.


I’ve come full circle since buying my Glowforge in the beginning. I had no idea about laser cutters, and was genuinely amazed at what the Glowforge could do. Since then, I’ve gone from “The Glowforge is amazing because it cuts stuff!” to buying a cheap Chinese laser and saying “This thing is amazing because it cuts stuff!” I can now more fully recognize where the Glowforge sets itself apart as I attempt different stuff on my cheapie.

Learning more about laser machines has made me appreciate the Glowforge more, and question why I was willing to part with a couple thousand dollars on something I didn’t really understand! :slight_smile: Seeing other folks on here with plenty of laser experience like yourself makes me realize that it is worth it.



Though now with baby and childproofing tasks, they’re all getting given away at the hackspace.

I love DX but the 4 to 8 week ship time is annoying. It’s really hard to bring myself to pay 10$ shipping for a 2 dollar product when it can be free shipping.

Locally Lee Valley carries them, but way more expensive.


Thought I would cross post this for the record:


American Science & Surplus has them fairly inexpensively and ships right away.


That site is going to get some money from, and not just my magnet money!


Looks like the online version of Boulder Colorado’s McGuckin Hardware.

Man can I get lost in that store.


Doubtful—again, he was all smiles and excited to talk to me about lasers until he literally heard the name.

Seriously! I think that’s what bothered me the most was my son and I are extremely excited for this and it seemed like that “Resonance” was there when he first started asking—but then it just kinda got stepped on.

I’ve learned so much through these forums and I’m SO grateful to each of you for your thoughts, questions, insights, and contributions!

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That’s an excellent point—changing the way I approach them with a question rather than straight up telling him, “Oh, I got a Glowforge.” I’ll have to remember that one.

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Just watch out…once you order you keep getting their catalog and there are always some goodies you just can’t live without.
Tons of neat stuff, most is very reasonably priced