Accessorizing Your Glowforge (Like the Fashion Industry)

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Here are some examples:

Great way to locate others near you (voluntary and incomplete)
Glowforge Map

Free Vector art

10 Tips and Tricks for Laser Engraving and Cutting

Adhesives decision chart

Vector Magic tracing program

Online PDF box generator with symmetric notches –
Online PDF box generator with symmetric notches –

Ceramic Industrial Magnets


Premium Baltic Birch Plywood

Insta-Cure (Super Glue)

Measuring Tools:

Stainless Steel Digital Caliper

DBPOWER 30X 60X Illuminated Jeweler’s Eye

Digital Angle Finder Smart Tool Set

For Weeding:

Dentist Tool Kit Bundle

Gorilla Tape


Plastic Razor Scrapper

Isopropyl Alcohol

MORE Adds:

Safety Laser Glasses (For Class 4 Environments):

Fire Extinguisher

Masking Materials

LaserBits got bought out. Here is the current link:

Acrylic Tools


Powder Coating/Toner Use


Super list! I’ll add it to the Tips, Tricks and Other handy stuff to Know section on the Matrix. :relaxed::+1:


Just a note: I just bought the 1/8" birch linked above, but over half the sheets came really warped.

I will be trying to get them wet enough to straighten out (and not mold) under weight before :glowforge: :squeee: but it makes me extra :heart_eyes: about :proofgrade:


I think I have about half of these bookmarked already but good to see them in one place. Bookmarked!


I had a few that were moderately warped from my purchase but over half!I’d be sending them back.

That is why I love Amazon prime, they will pay the return shipping as long as it is for a cause.

That said, I expect just a bit of warpage on anything 5mm or below. It is very hard to keep really thin ply totally flat and straight.


I think I got lucky. I had one sheet that had a slight curve on one corner, but that’s about it. I’ve kept mine in the box they came in since I won’t need them until my Glowforge shows up, so maybe that helped keep them flat.

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My Proofgrade all arrived flat, but like every piece of plywood known to humans, once taken out of the box and unwrapped, it might tend to warp at least a small amount. I keep it all on a very flat surface with weights on top until needed. BTW: just because a surface looks flat doesn’t mean it is.


Outstanding! Thanks for setting it up as a separate topic.

Interesting. A couple of us (at least) get these without any issue. Where are you? Perhaps there’s an environmental issue of high humidity or something. I’m in CT (northeast cold and usually low humidity).

Los Angeles - normally dry but mildly humid this week, so perhaps you are right. They came yesterday and definitely arrived bent. I’d estimate almost half are visibly not flat which makes me not confident about the whole box. Maybe I will return, time to find a local supplier.

I got the box of 20 and it was in pretty good shape. None were warped much. (Bought it in the winter though, our low humidity time of year, and brought it inside to acclimate for a while before trying to use it.)

We get like 70% humidity on average around here, so the local stuff is always pretty warped.

The first Proofgrade I got had a slightly warped sheet or two of the ply in it, but since then, I’ve left it tightly wrapped until I need it, and it tends to stay very flat.


I was able to call up a local building supplier shop, and a lumberyard/hardware store the next town over. They both will get me a sheets of 1/8 in (comes in 5 ft by 5 ft) Baltic birch-that is 15 planks of 12x20 in per sheet. For just about 15-16$ each sheet. One difference between the two is one charges an 8$ per transaction special order fee, and the charges for them to cut it down to 12x20 size differs.

YOU MAY HAVE OPTIONS LIKE THIS IN YOUR LOCAL AREA TOO! cheaper than Amazon, probably better quality, and you might even be helping a local business keep the lights on.


I got the box of 16 (not 10).

My kids are already trying to build little houses out of it…


Most hardware stores carry baltic birch ply around here, and some of them will cut it down free, if you can find an associate and it’s not on a weekend.

But be careful of the quality. It varies, it varies, it varies. Some of it is solid glue, and you simply can’t cut through it. Multiple passes, incomplete cuts, knots, differences in density for the facings and the fill, charring, warping…it is hugely frustrating.


Yeah, that’s a lot more warp than I saw in the ones I got. :cry:

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That’s good to know. I think I still have a while before :glowforge: comes, so there is plenty of time for scouting out suppliers.


Seeing it, send it back, you are not doing yourself or the supplier any favors by keeping it.

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Thanks for the confirmation - I’m returning it!

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I got the ones as a trial from Woodworker’s Source, and they are all warped… They were a lot more expensive, and that was quite disappointing…

Oh that is disappointing. Were you able to get a refund?