Axe Head and Handle

Has anyone ever engraved on an axe head and handle? I’m quite new to all this, and my daughter-in-law has asked be do this for her sister. Any ideas or suggestions?


How this will go will depend a great deal on the size of both things.

If you have a pro, the slot thickness won’t let you lay a long handle in the machine.

As for marking metals, generally you use something like cermark, try searching the forum for it if you have never heard of it.

You might be able to wrangle a small hatchet into the machine. You could also cut a stencil or a stamp and use that to mark/paint the handle or head. There are ways to use the laser to dress things up that don’t involve direct application of laser to the item.

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Thank you. I have never heard of cermark, but I will check it out. I appreciate your thoughts.

Also keep in mind nothing “thicker” (taller) than about 1.9" can go in there (and that’s with the crumb tray removed.)

“Made on a Glowforge” is the gallery for showing off your work, so I’ve moved this to the appropriate forum.

Thank you. I wasn’t sure where to post.

I recently engraved on some hammers: Jax’s Hammer (I have to remove the tray)

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I’ve done all kinds of stuff to my hatchet!


Thank you for your thoughts. Much appreciated!

Thank you for your thoughts and photos. That helps.

I love how this is stated as if we all have hatchets… :rofl:

To be fair, most people here in Alaska have one I’m sure haha. I have at least 3!