Aztec Calendar


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see nothing. Are you implying they did not have one?

edit: yeah better. I like it


It’s a little hard to read, but I generally like it. (Picture?) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh I do like that one…it’s different from the one we all picked up on the internet. Did you draw it? :grinning:


Blindfolded.:see_no_evil:I got it from the net.


Very nice!


Very nice! What’s your plan for it?


Does anyone know how to actually read calendar information from these? (Or the Mayan Sunstone.)


Found this…

There’s a wiki on how to actually do it too…TLDR. :smile:


That’s good for the glyphs. But the 5 date units (bajtun, etc) that relate to the tracked periods (like our day/month/year/century/millennia) are actually written in a 2 column format.

The daily/monthly versions are interlocking moveable wheels. But I don’t know how the format like this one or the others out there (including my own escutcheon :slightly_smiling_face:) are used as a calendar. Is there some kind of position pointer that sits on top of the circular engrave that tells us “here is today”?

@marmak3261 - do you know from your excursion to Mexico?


One thing to note, the present installation of the large circular stone with many glyphs on it in the museum in Mexico City calls it the sun stone.From what I understand, while it signifies events in time, historical and mythical, and references temporal ideas, thinking of it as a calendar in our sense, or a mechanism to keep track of days, months and years might stray from its purpose, very likely as a a sacrificial altar.

But I might as well say that I know nothing other than what I read at the exhibit.

Not sure at all about the OP’s image here, if it is from another source or an interpretation.


No plans at this time. I just wanted to see how detailed the Glowforge could print. It gets pretty detailed.