Aztec Star Wars

Got this pattern from Etsy, couldn’t resist. But it needed some tweaks; I added the Naboo Royal Starship, Anakin’s starfighter, Luke facing off against the Gorilla Walkers, and a Y-wing for good measure. PG basswood.


Wow what an amazing design, it came out so crisp as well, very cool!


Looks like you missed some masking on Vader’s chin.


HAHA I DID!!! Great catch! LOL

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Duct tape makes a great weeding medium when doing something like this!


“I find your lack of faith disturbing”.


In case you are curious, the original artist is David Gonzalez, and it appears that this file is not supposed to be distributed, although it is available in many places, both free and for a price.


LOVE this!

I’ll delete my post, out of respect for the artists wishes.

I don’t think that was the intention here. You are only showing off what you did with his file, not distributing the file. I think @jbv was just saying he found it in a few places and he shouldn’t have been able to. I’d keep your post up, this is beautiful and I love the additions!


No don’t delete, that was not my intent, you’re not sharing the file and you’ve made your own changes to it as well.

It’s a really cool image. I wanted to acknowledge the original artist. It also bums me out that people make money selling other peoples stuff without rights, but that’s not you fault at all, you purchased the file in good faith.

I found the file online a while ago and made myself a copy, thinking it was from SandyEggoCNC @kyle_emerick and it was only later, after trying to find it on his site, that I found his post mentioning the inspiration for his other azteca calendars, and looked into it more.


Cool work and great additions! The use of the Aztec calendar as inspiration is a great idea the artist came up with! Terrific!

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More like:

I find your tacky face disturbing.


How were you able to engrave this design? It has so many intricate details that I’m surprised it didn’t get stuck on “preparing your print” step. I have several designs that get stuck there that have this many if not more parts. Just curious, btw the design is amazing and great additions. I got suckered into purchasing a like design off Etsy only to find out it was stolen from @nopal (DG) … boo!

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If you have detailed designs that you want to engrave, and they get stuck on this step. Then use another tool (Illustrator, Inkscape) to rasterize – or convert the vector to a bitmap – first. This will make it much simpler for GFUI to process.