Aztec Sunstone


My first project, after the founder’s ruler, was the sunstone. I have seen them made several other lasers, and I was curious what I might get from the GF.

I’m using a vector line-drawing version of the graphic, that I found for free online sometime in the last two years, and Proofgrade Medium Maple Py.

First attempt was to set the whole thing to score.

At this size (4.6" diameter) scoring was a poor option.

Later, I tried it again as an engrave, with automatic settings.

Light Engrave:

This looked awesome coming out of the GF, but a whole lot of detail was lost when I pulled the masking.

Dark Engrave:

Ok, now it’s looking way better!


Yeah, that dark engrave really pops! :grinning:


Wow, now I want to make one. I like the darker one best too. :smiley:


Nice to see the differences. Great job!


Masking gets in the way a lot sometimes.


Speaking of masking;


I think if you try the sunstone on a harder wood like walnut, it would also give really good results.


I feel like the light engrave needs to be a bit darker to cover the loss of detail when masking is removed. I’ve found on quite a few projects at this point that losing the white contrast of the mask has a really negative effect and I wish I left it in place.




The dark engrave looks fantastic!


Wow! That is great!