B A N A N A annas


You can all blame @rpratt

Honestly this thing is a geometric tour de force! Hats off to the designer.


ha ha…that is so fitting!


I take full responsibility. I’m glad to see the other banana there for scale. Sorry to cause you to use up a sheet of PG, but it looks great!


I don’t know, I’d be inclined to call it a plantain… :laughing:


Wait…I see two bananas. Which one do I use for scale? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do you have any grapes you could put up there? That would help.


I love Bananas! Especially Fig Bananas. Living in the Caribbean I’ve found out about them. The one’s (Bananas) I grew up on are gone due to a fungus, the Banana producers developed another strain that was resistant. But let me tell you Figs are the best, but the skin is too thin and fragile to ship, you almost have the eat them the day they get ripe.


We’ve lost so many crops to the needs of shipping and shelf life. Our bio-diversity is shrinking and some really good fruits and veggies with it.

Jumping off the soap box now…


IIRC, those are the ones that artificial banana flavor is based on, in case anyone wonders why it’s such a different taste.


Please don’t post any more links at me! Proofgrade is a rare commodity on these shores! :wink:


I had a peach tree where it was too cold to grow peaches and what I discovered with this tree was (on a day, by day basis), hard as a rock, hard as a rock, hard as a rock, proof there is a god and s/he/it loves peaches, overripe yuck. Then a winter got it and no more peaches.


Cool bananas! :smile:


OK, I managed to contain myself when the first banana was posted, but if this is going to be a thing I may as well share it… made for my girlfriend last week. It aged pretty well for the first 48 hours - then she ate it. This is also officially the first “project” I’ve posted.


That’s such a sweet sentiment! Full points for you! :grinning:


Great, now I can not unsee it as a plantain!


I’m grapeful for the suggestion and am working on it!


Yes as @Jules said, all the points to you, that is super sweet. My wife said if I try to give her anything edible that’s been lasered in anyway she’s going to stop talking to me.

Just off to laser her a selection of fruits as we speak!


Thank God for the Banana for scale. :wink:



And these are “Fig” bananas for scale…

Also a song about Plantains by the Mighty Sparrow… (Slightly Bawdy)


Day 2.

I successfully infiltrated a local militia calling themselves ‘Banana Dawn’. My cover story is I belong to Ensete Ventricosum, they suspect nothing.

They’ve commented on my size, but I told them my mother was a plantain. I knew we should have used the agreed international scale instead of those blasted callipers.


You know I’m actually not wild about bananas, but yours are too freaking funny to miss out on. :smile: