Baby Elephant Growth Chart - Passthrough Beta Project

Now that Glowforge is taking applications for the Passthrough Software Beta program (Sign up until April 6th, 2020 here: Pro Passthrough Beta Application ) I can show some of the early projects.

This was a little baby elephant growth chart that I created to be a buddy for Shell’s giraffe. He took five segments to create (the software breaks it up for you…you just have to shove it through a few times) and he matched up perfectly each time. Not even any sanding required at the joins.

The outlines are scored, the elephant is cut out perfectly, and the paint job, sadly, is mine. :smile:

elephant growth chart




Thank you m’dear! (Kinda makes me wish I had kids.) :smile:

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I bet you’re the favorite auntie!

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The kids did enjoy Christmas when they were younger. :wink:


I’m sure! Did you give them the kinder toys?

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Yep! THOUSANDS of them over the years…in little boxes designed and cut on the WB. :smile:

I told you about Ginchee Claus back in the day, didn’t I? Not sure I ever mentioned that, but it was the favorite part of the family gathering every year for the kids.

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I don’t remember Ginchee Claus… but I remembered you telling me you could buy the toys on Ebay!

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Yeah, I’d run through the supply of anything fresh at the stores years earlier…discovered the Kinder Eggs when the oldest was about 8, and they got handfuls of them (each) every Christmas until they finished college.

The brief story of how I got started doing that is below, if you get really bored during the flight you can read it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Story of Ginchee Claus

Long story very short…when I was in college I was dating a guy who used to bring me little trinkets from a store in Alexandria called “Ginchees”. It was just tiny little novelty items like a bag of “Teddy Bear Seeds” or a chocolate tennis shoe.

Anyway I always got the biggest kick out of them, and when we all got together for Christmas, I would whip up a handful of them for each family member and use them to stuff stockings with. Each was individually wrapped, and after we all opened our main gifts to each other, they would all sit on the floor in the living room and keep opening packages until well into the afternoon.

Most of them were noise makers or balloons or puzzles or little nerf shooters, and it got kind of crazy in there.

That went on for years, the siblings got married and started having kids…and I became “Ginchee Claus” to the children. I still provided ginchees every year for all present, adult and children alike. Everyone played on the floor with them together.

Until the nieces and nephews got old enough to start dating and bringing home their significant others, and I was including all of them in the packaging and wrapping…we’re talking 20-30 items per person per year…for about 15 people. I was getting a little sloppy with the wrapping and it was taking up to a week…solid. So i switched to the Kinder eggs and threw them all into a bag for each person. :crazy_face:

I miss that now, they have all grown up and moved apart…we can’t get everyone together any more.

But it’s a great memory still. :slightly_smiling_face:


My son still gets the annual Hess Holiday truck :grin:

His girlfriend doesn’t really understand.


It was a family tradition. I’m hoping that the kids will pass it on to their families if they ever get married and have families. (So far only one baby from my side of the family, and he’s too young for them. He’d eat them at this point.) :smile:

He’s a cutie!

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