Baby icosahedron

A friend asked me to make him a d20 since he collects all shapes and sizes of dice.
He sent me a pic of one he found on Pinterest.

It was a bit of a challenge building it, but it turned out just fine. No glue, pressure fit. It is solid and rolls great!

I was fresh out of bananas so I used a real d20 for scale.
Cut out of maple ply from Johnson plastics


Bet that was fun to assemble! (Looks pretty small.) :smile:

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OK so I think all the pieces are the same shape? That is counterintiutive to me, and very cool. I guess its a side effect of making the sides have an even number of fingers.

This ought to work for any regular polyhedron I suspect, and maybe for all completely convex polyhedra even at higher complexity. Concave shapes would work but be hard to keep aligned maybe? Have you fooled with any other shapes?


Yes, all the sides are the same shape, an equilateral triangle. I haven’t played with it to create other shapes but it would probably work for those that have a triangular side. A d6 would he made up of squares, a d8 of diamonds etc.

A bit smaller than a golf ball. Any smaller and I didn’t think the teeth would hold up

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No, d8s are also equilateral. You could take 4 faces from the d20 and make a d4, take 8 more and make a d8, without designing a single extra thing.

Make regular pentagons, and you’ve got a d12.

Make “kites” and you’ve got your d10 [Technically, a “pentagonal trapezohedron”], change the numbers to be 10-00 and you have your percent die, and voila, a full 7-set of D&D dice.

… if you’re so inclined. :slight_smile:


Cool! Might be useful as a box as well.

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That’s cool. Looks tiny but solid.

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