Baby Milestone Plaques

I can’t say I’d ever heard of this sort of thing before the wife suggested it as a gift for soon-to-be-parents friends. But it turned out pretty nice I think, we’ll see if they actually use them.

If you also are unfamiliar, they are to place with the baby in photographs.

Proofgrade Maple. 4" circles

SVG. Feel free to use as you wish, but FYI the original images were gathered randomly online and not created by me. So personal use probably best.



Cute idea!

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Great idea! I’d never heard of it either! :grinning:

Brilliant! While I’ve heard of the idea… I’ve shied away from baby stuff because I always suspect it’d “gotta be personalized,” and customers can be horrible with that. (I’m not opposed to it, just gives me anxiety about meeting client expectations and all.)

This is an easy way to provide the idea without customizing. Feelin’ dumb for never thinking about doing it so simple! THANK YOU! (Not just for the file, but for the reminder to think differently.)


Super trendy! I’m sure it will be well used.

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Is this download still available. I can only get a jpeg of the finished images to save.

Right click the file - not the picture and save as… For me it saved as e81bfa0ff668e722cae627d13d2f10b48815217b.svg

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Thank you so much! That totally worked!

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