Baby padawans on board

As the ongoing gushing of baby-related projects continues, I threw this together while the twins were seeping, as I just couldn’t find a sufficiently nerdy sign in retail that I liked the design of. I decided to try out one of the many materials that I had ordered out of curiosity and just hadn’t found a use for yet, a 2 colored plastic sheet from Trotec. Took a lot of testing to get the power and speed right but it turned out ok in the end. So glad the giant play pen we ordered came with a bag of about 20 extra suckers!

(sorry about photo quality, snapped a quick one just before installing it in the car!)


And changed them after I suppose.

The struggle is real. Freudian slips occur.

Signage came out great.


I’m pulling for the dark side. Great sign!

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Yea! So much nicer to personalize something to what we like, rather than what you can find to purchase.

Please share your settings for others that might try this particular product. Yours turned out so nice!


Looks great!

Cute sign! I wouldn’t be surprised if you got people coming up to you wanting to know where you got it.

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Is it really a question of dark side or not? It seems to me the question is when and for how long they are Sith.