Baby Photo Engrave - HD Whiteboard

Alright, so I’ve been seeing a lot about this Home Depot Whiteboard stuff, and I figured I’d give it a try. It’s crazy inexpensive, and gets stellar results. So I converted a photo of my baby in Photoshop to this:

Then added a border and resized it in illustrator, to get this:

Pretty fun results, and I’ll definitely keep testing this wood out, but so far I really like it. As for settings, I just used the default Draftboard settings, switched to SD Engrave with vary power, and bumped the LPI to 340. I didn’t mask it, just cleaned it up afterwards with a baby wipe, but that’s only because with pictures it’s easier to do it that way. I’d definitely recommend masking it if you’re doing regular designs, unless you don’t mind the cleanup.

I have another piece I did, but the baby is sleeping on me right now, so I’ll have to get a pic of it in a little bit and add it to this. I think my favorite part about this whiteboard stuff is that the white really pops compared to the other plywoods. Oh, and because I didn’t know this, nor have I seen it mentioned, this is 1 sided ply with mdf as the base.

Here’s the other piece I did. I wanted to test its engraving properties, so far it looks like a winner.



Very nice result, but then you have an excellent model. What a beautiful child. Love those new teeth showing in the smile.


This photo is from when they were first coming in, but now they’re really showing! He’s got some top ones, too, and needless to say, he knows how to use them when he gets a finger in his mouth :grimacing:

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It is easy to get great results when you have a great model.


What a cutie! :smile:


Would you mind sharing a link to the whiteboard from Home Depot? When I look it up online, the only thing that comes up is dry erase boards/marker boards. I would really like to give this a try and also the one that is backed with MDF

That’s the one.

Oh ok I guess I wasn’t expecting that, thanks!

This is the specific stuff I’m using: White Panel Board

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Great engrave!

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I wanted to ask what settings you used on this particular whiteboard? I can’t seem to get it to cut all the way through and if i do 2 passes it looks extremely burnt not to mention very messy cleanup. Thanks in advance

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Wow been a while since I’ve jumped on the forum :sweat_smile: Life has been fairly interesting since the last time. Anyway, here’s a screenshot of my specific settings.

My machines have seen a decent amount of use, so I overpower mine a little when cutting, but this might be a good spot to start. If it’s burning and going through, lower the power, if it’s not going through and not burning decrease the speed. I mask my sheets when I do this wood, but occasionally I don’t and just use baby wipes to clean the residue.

I would create a file with line cuts and do different settings for each line, better yet, create small stars to see how the power does in corners, because straight lines don’t tell the full story on whether it will cut through all the way. This way you’re saving on materials and not becoming frustrated by going for your main project first (many of my projects I swung for the fence and struck out, so I’m definitely talking from experience here).

I should also mention that my whiteboard is not the dry erase kind, if that means anything to you. There’s been some confusion by calling this whiteboard, where in reality, it’s an mdf sheet that’s been painted white by the manufacturer. So my results may vary if your wood is different.


Welcome back! I hope your life changes are treating you well.


It has so far! Surprisingly, living in a country where you don’t speak the language, in a city of over 10 million people, isn’t too bad. I’m planning on trying to learn the language since we’ll be here at least two years, but otherwise, it really isn’t too hard. Much like any other big city, you go about your business without interacting with too many people, and checking out while at the grocery store is simple because the numbers are clear to read. Now if anybody here has some simple Thai recipes I could learn, then we’d really be doing good :slight_smile:


So glad you got moved. I hope your wife likes her job and that the whole adventure is fulfilling for all.


We managed to get into the country a few weeks ago, and. My wife has been teaching at her school for the last couple of weeks. She’s really enjoying it and once we start getting out more with her coworkers, I think living here will get more fun. We haven’t been able to do much yet, but that’s mostly due to not knowing where to start and my wife working a lot. Here’s a pic of our view from our apartment:

There’s a train station right by us, and our son loves watching the trains go by.