Baby Shower Gift Box

My cousin’s daughter is having her first baby later this year, and so my wife got some cute bibs, but when ( in the local Halllmark store) she couldn’t find wrapping paper she liked, she turned to me, with a bit of devilish grin and said… You can make a box, right?

The answers, of course, was “Of Course!”

So we have a 10.5" x 10.5" box, that exactly fits the collection of bibs, but more importantly, becomes part of the present itself, with truly the first baby picture, and a Bible quote.


Oh, yes, that is perfect! Much better than commercial wrapping paper. You might want to seal the bibs in a ziplock bag though, otherwise the smell of burnt cardboard would likely be absorbed.


Good idea. It’s actually done with MDF (nearly identifical to draftboard), but with a slightly different finish. So it will also be good as a keepsake box.

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(and now updated with much better resolution photos)

Oh yeah, now I can see it. Looks great!


Very nice gift, I’m sure it will be treasured.


Yep, that will be a keepsake. :grinning:


Lovely sentiment and great execution!


What a fabulous gift box!

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Very unique, I am sure it will be treasured.

what software do you use to make the box slide into the other one? I struggle with getting one to fit

Id doesn’t actually slide, The top is a lid with a lip, kind of like a shoe box, and it lifs off. If you are going for a sliding approach, I would suggest building a double wall that attaches an extra piece along each side wall that a sliding top could rest on, with extra tabs on the side walls to lock it in place. (Imagine a capital “F” or capital “E” if you will, with the space in the bottom half of the E filled in with an extra board to serve as the wall base that the top would rest on.

I think I did the tabs manually, and at the time was using Inkscape, but I tend to rely on Affinity Designer now.

There are some tab box generators i’ve seen and used, but most of the time I seem to do them on my own now.

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