Baby sleeping sack

So I had been planning to make my niece a sleeping sack and had most it’s engravings done. The plan was to finish it yesterday and give it to her today for thanksgiving.

Unfortunately I went with my MIL to get our covid boosters yesterday morning and that did me in (even though the first two were fine, but it’s all still worth it).

So I missed out on thanksgiving but woke up 2 hours ago and was able to finish the baby sleeping sack.

I even made a matching toy. I engraved the suede with the glowforge :relaxed:

Now I am going to go back to sleep for another day or 2 (if only I had an adult size sleeping sack as fuzzy).


That is so adorable! Hope you feel better. My booster didn’t bother me at all.


That’s just beautiful :heart_eyes:
I had my booster on Tuesday, spent yesterday feeling like death :sob: absolutely worth it, but definitely not fun! Hope you feel better tomorrow.


Just to confirm something, a “baby sleeping sack” is a sack that you put over your head when you have a newborn at home but still want to try and get some sleep, right? (The matching toy to distract the infant is a nice touch…)


Love the engraving on this … it’s perfect!


THAT’S what I’ve been doing wrong! I’ve been putting them on the babies, not over my head. Will try the correct way tomorrow night.


lol so true!

Finally broke the fever this am and much better! Ugh, worth it but still…lol


So cute! It’s just a shame they grow out of them so quickly.

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My wife got hers (Moderna), first two she had some aches and pains, but this booster also did something else. Made her dizzy! (more so than usual :rofl:) ((no, she doesn’t read the forum)). She woke up the morning after and described it as when she was young(er) and had to much too drink. I had to help her get to the facilities in the morning and she just laid in bed for 4 hours. Even moving her head would send her spinning. Looked it up and sure enough it is a known side effect of COVID and the vaccines. Never heard it mentioned in all the news stories.

P.S. the sleep sack looks really cute too!


My MIL also had no issue the first two but she was in bad shape with the booster. Meanwhile, my husband did J&J for his first one (right when they rolled them out). He did the moderna booster and had no issues.

In the end, I look at it as “by body has learned new skills” lol.

I think I have a future in making baby sacks :slight_smile: