Baby Yoda Cookie Cutter

Looked all over town for an angel cutter to copycat this guys baby yoda cookies and couldn’t find one (???). So we made our own on the glowforge! Made it out of draftboard, although I suspect acrylic would have been better if I had any on hand. It was perfect.



Draftboard has an MDF core, so it’s probably not ideal for food and certainly won’t hold up to moisture over time. But it worked, so there you go!


The adhesive that bonds the particles in most MDF produces dust particles coated with formaldehyde. It’s one reason to not put food in a machine used for draftboard or plywood.

Nobody knows for sure if the Proofgrade materials are formaldehyde-free, but it’s generally more expensive due to it not being as common. If they were, you would think they would make a point of saying so. There is a CA Prop 65 warning about ethylene oxide.

WELL, I guess hopefully I don’t kill anyone.


Only a trace if any. It’s the dose that makes the poison. An excess of water or oxygen will kill you. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I was trying to give you the gentler version. I figured since you probably already ate the cookies, it wasn’t worth trying to freak you out. :wink:

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If you are concerned - dip it in bees wax. It still will likely not last for ever, but bees wax is a good food safe coating. Lots of folks use it to coat flowers before putting them in cakes etc. This is not a legally professional opinion, and you have to do everything these days at your own risk and all that - it is just a thought,

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Hot bee’s wax would likely dissolve the MDF nicely. 3- quarter inch maple pieces .with perhaps a semi filled (solid shape with a hole) shape in top would make it last near forever, particularly soaked in bee’s wax after the glues are dry.

If not, you just made them stronger. :muscle:

Disney will not like this.



Please stop with this nonsense. Nothing is being sold here.