Baby's First Christmas Ornament


Hi all. I am excited to share a project I completed this week: a ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament for my newest niece.

Over the years I have given a hand painted First Christmas ornament to each of my nieces and my nephew (now totaling 7). The previous ornaments were each painted on a glass ball. They started out with tasteful muted colors, and morphed into super sparkly glitter balls as my own kids got old enough to have input into the design. Thanks to the Glowforge, my newest niece has a one of a kind ornament. (And thanks to my kids’ assistance it is likewise covered in glitter.)

I printed the moon using 1/4" plywood. I used engrave and score functions to add texture to the piece, but a lot of that ended up being covered by the paint. In the future I will engrave more deeply if I am planning to paint (and especially glitter) a piece.

I printed the stars and text in reverse on the back of 1/4" clear acrylic. After a couple of tries I was able to get the two parts to interlock snugly. I had planned to glue them together, but once the wood was painted they fit so tightly that no glue was needed.

Weekly Highlights for the week of 11-DEC-16

That is stunning!


holy that is crazy


I hate to be cliché, but… Fabulous!


Oh wow, this is gorgeous!! I love the effect of the engraved outlines on the moon and clouds.


I love it! Super cool the way you did the stars along the edge of the acrylic.


Beautifully done! :relaxed: :squeeee:


I like how the blue puffball on the moon’s nightcap makes the clouds look like a dinosaur head. Because you’re supposed to see things in clouds.


That is just incredible! :smile:


Yes beautiful beautiful!




What a great tradition you have! Love the hook area, fun detail!


Hey, happy Cakeday @karaelena! I hope you get your Cakeday wish. :wink:

Oops, sorry, thought I was in a Cakeday topic and don’t know how to move this reply on iPad).



My only cakeday wish is to veg. today.


sparkles AND elegance. What a snuggly well rested moon… :slight_smile:


Putting the two materials together and paint and glitter really makes this ornament unique. I especially like the little detail of the star for the hanger loop. That was very clever.


So adorable!! It will be a keepsake for many years to come.


Happy cake day. Veg away :+1:




Really nice! I have so many ideas… but hadn’t thought about combining the two so that they lock together…