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This isnt my file -it’s from this category. i just thought I would post the size I had to reduce it to to get it to fit in my honeycomb and maybe others could do the same and we could see just how wide the variance is on these trays. It’s 1.071 x1.071". I had to do one square because when I tried to do 2 they didnt resize identically. the second one is off to the right - it’s bigger.

Long pins - my size


I don’t know what variance there may have been recently in the breadcrumb trays themselves. Certainly a possibility.

There are a couple of other possibilities though. Sometimes there’s a mismatch between the pixel resolution of your file and the pixel resolution that Glowforge expects. This is a common problem for Affinity Designer users. Make sure to export the file at 96 DPI, not 72 DPI. Check the width of the object in the Glowforge editor to see if it matches what you think it is

Also I find that newly cut pins are indeed difficult to get into the holes because they haven’t worn down yet. They’ll be looser once they get broken in a bit.


It’s not just this file. I have tried at least 5 files of pins and all of them have been too big for my crumb tray.

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Same with mine. I’ve rendered a lot of pins unuseable trying to get them in or out. Thanks for the revised style.

I have two crumb trays, the one that came with my laser, and another I bought from the “spare parts” section of the Glowforge Shop. They have massively different size honeycomb openings. Any holddown pins that fit one will not fit the other.