Back to the Future DeLorean

Back to the Future DeLorean wooden model kit. Not my design. svg was purchased. Just a very big fan of movie and car. Was able to print on two sheets of 1/8th inch craft plywood from hardware store. My only regret was not masking the wood first. So in that being said that is why i have the scorch marks. i cant remember how long it to to cut and assemble. To me well worth the time. I will be posting more shortly of other projects i have done. Mostly pictures but why not . Gotta learn this machine some how.


Nice. The scorch marks kind of add to that experience of re enterying the present.


Very cool!


Love it!!!

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Doors that open and close plus adjustable seats, what else could you ask for? :blush:


Was my dream car wish for years until the Tesla came out. Wish Tesla would pair with DeLorean and create a car…it would match the Cybertruck so well!

We drove to Chicago to meet our jeweler of our TARDIS rings for our wedding…we drove our Tesla on the trip and told him we were running a tad late …he said he would met us there…yeah he did…in a DeLorean! All the Tesla owners sitting there charging their cars got out and went straight over to check it out!!

Pretty awesome…and he obliged our request and backed in to the Super Chargers for a picture. Hey, if you’re going to get ICE’d, do it in Style I guess? Check out the Model X with the salute with their Falcon Wing doors to the DeLorean with it’s Gull-Wing doors.

Really awesome model you have there!


Super Fun! Thanks for sharing.

Great story!

NIce model! Love the GF for these type things!

GREAT SCOTT! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sweet! The greatest movie car that has ever been!


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