Backgammon from scratch..... errrr from Affinity

Just finished this one. Could use some finish but my challenge was using magnets to keep the 2 sections together for both playtime and storage. Success.

Please note the cheat sheet for starting the game (I never remember where to put the tokens).


I enjoy backgammon & that is a nice board.

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What a well designed board! The cheat sheet is a great idea and your paint job is perfect.


That’s lovely - and YES to the cheat sheet! Is that paint, or inlayed acrylic? Either way it looks sharp :slight_smile:

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Turned out great! Like your font choice, and love the cheat sheet!

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Actually, no paint at all. Combination of colored acrylic and draftboard treated with polyurethane and sanded. As the height of both colored acrylic sheets and the draftboard were not exactly 1/8”, I had to carefully assemble the shapes with glue on the sides only, let them dry upside down to ensure they would be flush when inserted upside up. Hope that makes sense. The rest is maple plywood.

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Are you selling this? I am looking to make one of these for a friend. Her grandmother passed recently and they have had a tournament going for years. She passed away and they were tied up!

Hello. I’m not in the business of selling and happy to share the file if you want it. For the board, I would either use two or three types of wood (color contrast) or only acrylic. Reason is, by mixing wood (actually I used draftboard) and acrylic, the thickness was not exactly the same. Post assembly and having played the game a few times, the boards ends up not completely flush/flat and it tends to grab the playing pieces.

If you wouldn’t mind sharing the file, that would be great. I would certainly take your advice on the materials. Thank you so very much. I’d have one very surprised friend who would love this as a momenta.

I think I can offer some advice here, if I am understanding the problem correctly.

When laying up the playing surface, do it upside-down on flat surface. I actually use the lid of my Glowforge for many assembly tasks. Apply excess glue so that any gaps will be filled before placing the backing board down. If “squeeze out” is a concern, put down a protective layer first. I have used plastic cling-film or parchment paper, which pops right off when the glue has cured.

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Thanks. I did assemble and glue upside down. But I did not use a lot of glue since the point was to have a transparent board (for the triangle shapes) and see-through bottom in wood. Even so, when flipping upside up, there is still a very slight offset.

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Here you go… contact me if you have any question. Sorry it took so long. I needed to clean up a few curves and add some comments.Backgammon Box Backgammon Closure Backgammon Concept Backgammon Game start up