Backlit acrylic LED sign (For inspiration)



I saw this today and thought it had some nuggets of ideas for working with acrylic signage. Especially the method of gluing was neat! (The capillary action to keep everything in place)


Great find, thanks for sharing!! I am so going to try out that gluing method the next time I use acrylic.


I used the gluing method for my photobooth and it’s amazing how strong it is and how fast it works.


Wow! Looks amazing!


I built a large filter for a saltwater aquarium, first time using acrylic and was amazed how fast and easy it was. If your edges are true, capillary action wicks the solvent across the joint. I just taped the assembly together with masking tape and followed the capillary action with the applicator.
An issue with the tape is that the solvent will tend to bleed under the tape and mark the area.
It is a fun material to build with.
Very nice job there!


It’s quite a bit of fun! :slight_smile:


i’d love to see finished pics!


I actually made it 4 years ago and it’s no longer functioning haha.


Nice! I expect you will have no problem re-tasking that acrylic…
I enjoy looking around the shop areas in the photos too!


My thoughts exactly! I’m pretty sure the acrylic is laser safe too! Whoop!


way cool.


There have been several good LED project threads. Here is a link from Izzy Swan who used CNC cutter and cast acrylic. Perfect project for. Glowforge. He used a Lightify module.


Very cool sign.
Less cool is the morning I just lost watching his other videos. Man that guy has some skills!
I particularly like his knives with Leatherman handles, Very clever.


Haha, I know right? So much info/ideas!