Bad flashback on new machine

Just got my second machine. She works perfectly but the flashback I’m getting is crazy. I’ve tried adjusting my settings but it seems to be cutting the same as the first one so I’m confused. Is there maybe something about the new tray causing this?

When I see flashback like that, I assume I have to much power.

Could you try swapping the trays between the machines to see if there is a difference? The could rule out the tray or not?

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Just either speed up your cut or reduce power slightly until it barely cuts through.

Just odd because I’m using the GF settings for thin maple which is what I use on my other machine. It seems crazy powerful. I’ll mess with the settings a bit. I just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong.


If it’s PG with PG settings I’d complain. They should refund you for the ruined materials.

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On top of speed it up and lower the power… I would add “or place another material underneath it so it doesn’t get to your project material.”

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You should still be using your original tray as it does not ship with the main machine.

Sorry that was confusing. I have two machines. The first machine has an issue so it’s getting sent back but I will still have two machines. The new one wasn’t replacing the first.

Your best bet is to file a ticket in P&S or via email.

If you’re using proof grade settings and getting results like that on proof grade materials then GF can make adjustments on their end for your machine.

if you’re doing manual settings you got plenty of advice above.

I would run test cuts. All that you knew of the old machine could be different now, especially any crud that had built up on windows or lenses that even the slightest amount could be significant.

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Which machine did you get? I’m having issues as well with flashback on my newish GF plus, but not on the edges as much as in the middle of my pieces. I guess where the tray super heats. My Basic has never done this. Trying to remember if it ever had a shiny silver crumbtray. This one seems awfully reflective.