Badge Inlay For Custom Guitar (Update)

Here are some pictures of the finished guitar. I had a previous post of just the headstock badge. Here is the completed instrument. This is an upgraded Takamine acoustic. The badge on the headstock, custom “thin blue line” flag decal and Luthier Tag are all Products of the Glowforge.

Made by: Oak Creek Guitars

IG: @oak_creek_guitars


Beautiful guitars. I have always wanted to take mine and try and laser engrave my drawings (too scared I might ruin them). My husband orders the blanks and I draw, a friend finishes them. I should add a tag. Did you laser cut the beetles cutout?


Wow, that’s gorgeous!


Thank you very much.

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Thank you for the compliments. Your work is beautiful as well. I think you should try lasering your designs. You’ll feel a lot more confident if you do a couple practice runs on scrap before using an actual guitar body. Try tracing the shape on a piece of thin ply, then you can iron out any bugs without wasting a body blank. As for the Beatles scroll work, that was all pre laser and cut by hand. Thanks for checking out my work.


Thanks for sharing it with us!


Thank you for the advice. I will practice first and will keep checking in on what you make. My husband is a musician so we love instruments!

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another thing you can do is work on some inexpensive blanks, if you’re into building at all. i’ve done a couple for a friend, and we plan on doing a lot more. you can buy a blank on ebay or similar to play with. like this tele blank (shipped from china) is $42 shipped. don’t have to feel as bad if something goes wrong as you would if it was someone’s prized guitar.