Badlands Craps

Last year at Burning Man our camp (Badlands Bordello) had a wheel you could spin. It had various things on it like take a shot, bartender’s choice, etc. seeing some of the dice projects here I decided to make a rollable version. This is the first iteration.

I had to be careful on the view to keep the post PG. :wink:

I didn’t mask the dice. After cutting I simply gave the surface a quick wipe with a wet sponge to remove some of the smoke. Then I filled the engravings with Rub n Buff and wiped off the excess. It took a few passes with clean paper towels to get the surface reasonable clean but I’m happy with the results.

I see the bartender’s choice wasn’t really clean on this photo but it cleaned up nicely and needed a bit more Rub n Buff.


What makes me think that’s an option we can’t see??? :innocent:





Nice work! Dare I ask what is in the background of that picture. Going to wrongly stab at a Mad Max style shield?

It’s a hat I made. You go the steam punk right. :wink:


Nice hat.

The wife is majorly peeved that the Steam Punk Worlds Fair in NJ (May 4-8) was mismanaged and is no longer. A complete mess since vendors and attendees were left up in the air at the last moment. Lost about $150 on the tickets. The responsible parties have pretty much disappeared.


From what I’m hearing from vendors, you got off easy there. Sad state of affairs :frowning:


Spank a stranger? :smile:

Yeah, that’s one of the tamer ones. :wink:


Easy to get the smoke stain off the surface with an alcohol wipe. Removing the Rub n Buff might be the same.

The smoke wiped right off with water. I didn’t try a solvent on this run as I didn’t want to mess with removing too much. The engrave is pretty deep so it probably isn’t an issue.

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One other trick to help longevity - so the ink or paint doesn’t run later is to fill the engraves after coloring with a drop or two of CA glue (the really thin stuff is great). Forms a nice protective barrier and can also level the surface if you want.


Yah. I did a Jenga game for a client. NSFW. or this forum.


Where did you get the blank dice from?

You have a laser, just take a dice, and engrave the entire face down until its blank :wink:


Thank you!

Yes but there are sometimes easier ways. He sent me a link to blank dice. Less wear and tear on the Glowforge.

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