Ball Cap

This is by far the hardest thing I’ve made yet. 4 messed up caps later I finally have it mostly clear. Anyone have a way to do these that keeps the print more evenly defined without having to try and manipulate the cap between each layer?


a CAPital project. Nicely done. Love using found materials like this. A well-met challenge.


it would never have occurred to me to try this!


When they embroider hats, they have a hoop that you use a sticky stabilizer to adhere it to. There is also a way to help constrain the bill. Think it is a bar with strong magnets that attach to the hoop.

My husband thought I might like to buy one when we last picked up my machine after service. I told him if I only did 2-4 hats, that makes them pretty expensive. Although maybe it is a good splurge to make him happy. He loves receiving a t-shirt with an embroidery on it from me. He’d probably love a hat even more.


My daughter asked me to do four of these. Something to flatten and hold would be extremely helpful. All the curves make getting uniform engraves difficult. I end up readjusting the hat between each graphic to get it “flat enough”. I wonder if a local hobby store would have one of those hoops.

I’m afraid you wouldn’t find them at hobby stores. They’re made to fit embroidery machines. The one for mine was $90 on sale. :confused:

Perhaps you could buy sticky stabilizer though … and somehow adhere it to a frame or piece of wood. It would have to be taught. Then push the fabric of the hat flat as possible on to it. Not sure it would be enough, but would probably help.


I wonder if an embroidery hoop could do it? They have them in both wood and plastic, and the plastic ones often can handle thicker material…

caps are definitely hard!


It might work to control the fabric portion … but, the bill really is difficult. :confused:



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