Ball variant


Just a bunch of circles, hanging around…

Birch ply.



A laser gots to laser.


nice one




cool concept


Fun! You did that with scrap circles? I keep trying to figure out what to do with mine. Thick Tiddly Winks?


Nah, wouldn’t have been accurate enough. I could have jigged it I suppose, but it required 42 pieces, I would have either used up tons of material or time to make it that way. I’ve mentioned several times that Baltic is just too inexpensive to be that worried

I cut it from a fairly large piece of scrap though. It took maybe a fifth of a sheet? Hmm 42 1” diameter circles packed (mostly) in a hex pattern with about 1.5mm separation.

That’s about 45 square inches, plus some extra pieces in case I screw up or one fails to cut (Baltic, amirite!?) probably 50 square inches. A full sheet is 12x20, or 240 squares, so yeah wow a fifth is pretty close to accurate. Yay guesswork!


Must have taken some time to put this together. Very cool!