Baltic Birch Pablo-Picasso sketchbook cover

For my self-appointed Spanish nephew Pablo, a young budding artist, I designed this last-minute gift of a sketchbook cover of Baltic Birch (and the extra hardware/accessories needed).


Not only does Pablo share a namesake with Picasso, he loves modernist styles. The quote says, “All children are born artists. The difficult thing is remaining one when we grow up.”

Within the PABLO letters are line art I extracted from some of his drawings his family sends me from time to time.

Despite choosing to make this of Baltic Birch highest grade (B/BB) and sourced from a laser materials supplier, getting the parametric/living hinge not to be impaired by inner-layer knots/glue/whatever was a source of some frustration. (I cut three covers before I was content enough to live with the outcome.)

Otherwise finding at my local Michael’s a coverless, lay-flat sewn-bound sketchbook of an appropriate size to scale this project around was a god send. The cover is also sized to fit international A5-size paper when the contents are replaced.

Also pleased to find at Michael’s strong clipboard bulldog clips that hold the book/paper in securely. And then I finished it off with little details like a pencil loop in the Moleskine-style elastic closure with some little notches on the edge to help grab even more securely.


Lovely job!! Such a beautiful gift!

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He’s very much another Picasso! Great gift! :grinning:

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Very nice gift, he will love it!

I really like his art, especially the colors.

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Thanks. Me, too. Pablo’s mom scans some of his drawings and he likes to digitally color them. He seems to have a good sense of color and moods.

He’s started to grow as a painter, too. This is a self portrait he did three years ago when he was 4. I was impressed with his brush paint loading he has already started to experiment with. We’re going to be up visiting his family again in about ten days, so I’m excited to see the growth he’s been making in person.


Very nice gift !

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This is such a great gift for such a great potential. :+1::+1::+1:

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His drawings are great…and you did a nice job on this notebook cover!

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