BAM! Pro email!


Woo Hoooooo! Got the golden ticket for a pro!!! Can’t wait. Thanks @staff. Hats off


Congratulations! :grinning::tada::balloon::dizzy::confetti_ball::boom:


Congrats!! It’s getting real!! :sunglasses:


Yeah! Happy for you, and for all of us - the more these emails go out, the closer we all get to our forever machines.

Then we can all focus on happy creative stuff, and the whinging may die down to a dull roar (please?).

Anyway, huzzah to you and your pro! I know you’re going to create amazing things with it :grinning: :boom: :clap: :fireworks: :tada:






Congratulations!!! :squee:


Yahooooo for you!


Yay!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada:


Grats! Let us know when it ships!

Also, if I may ask, what time did you first order your pro?


Fantastic!!! Gear up for some fun times!! :fireworks:


Congratulations! Hope you have an amazing time with it!


Awesome! But what was your order date??


Awesome! (goes and checks own email again.)


I placed my order on Oct 3rd, 2016. Does it mean that I will have to wait much longer until I receive the shipping messages?

Any comments?


Sweeeet! Congrats! :confetti_ball::tada::champagne::balloon:. Now time will really slow to a crawl for the next few weeks :wink:


October 1st here. You’ll probably have yours quicker though as I’m an international