Bamboo Cheese Boards

I was commissioned to engrave some Bamboo Cheese Boards, for a local real estate company. I thought they turned out great. Simple logo, easy engrave- around 5 minutes per board. These boards can be purchased on Amazon for anyone from $3-$5 each, depending on the quantity. They come in bags. I had to wipe them down after I engraved because there was a little bit of yellow residue. I used 1000/80/135 lines per cm.


Awesome results! They should be quite pleased! :grinning:
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That’s a lovely engrave. I’m glad you have found a profitable item to produce.

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Great looking engrave. Thanks for link.

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Thanks Jules! I think it might have already been moved.

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Thanks for the tip! Always looking for cheap cutting boards for quick projects.


Good link, thanks.

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They turned out beautifully!

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They look great! I see that they’re 0.4" thick, so you can use crumb tray. Am I correct? Also, what do you wipe them down with? Thanks!

I just wiped them down with a damp paper towel after engraving them. There is a little bit of a yellow gunk that comes up when wiping. It has been a while since I’ve engraved these, but I am pretty sure I had the crumb tray in when I did them.