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Hello. I’ve been getting square bamboo coasters from Johnson’s Plastics Plus and they are currently out of stock and I am running low and have orders to fulfill which will just about run me out. Does anybody know of other suppliers that can share? Thanks Mike

Amazon is completely flush with stuff like that.

72 coasters for 79 bucks:

72 pc Bulk Plain Blank Bamboo Coasters for Custom Engraving, DIY Craft Disc, Ornament Hanging Tags for Wood Tree, Room Decoration (Square)

I just searched for bamboo coasters and there were tons of options. This was just the first one I saw with a square shape.




Thank you both. The ones I sell have a coaster holder. I may need to change my photos and remove the holder from the description.

Amazon sells some sets with holders…


Make your own laser cut holders? Market as premium version.

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Hobby Lobby sells square bamboo coasters with a holder, not as inexpensive as JPP but they could do in a pinch.

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Thank you all. I will check the other vendors. I will think about making my own holder but can’t at this time. We are getting reading to move so don’t have time to take on designing something now.

Just dropping in to say my wife saw this title from across the room and asked me why I was looking at “Bimbo Coasters” :laughing::joy:


:laughing: love that

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How do I know if something like this is laser safe? I am just concerned about what it is sealed with. Do you think I am overthinking it? Thanks!

Generally yes, you should be fine. These are cheap so they’re not going to be finished with anything exotic. It’s never overthinking to consider the question of safety…

Check out #4 for some more info on the topic:


Thank you

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