Bamboo Cutting Board: Contrast Challenges

Bamboo cutting boards have their own challenges given the variation in colors through the layered sections of veneer. Add a design that would normally have good contrast through distinct colors adds more complexity.

I played with this design to give some sections relief and knockouts for letterings. In other elements it is darker engrave.

The finished project turned out ok. I made an SVG of the design, using grayscale for some elements to give contrast. Then exported the whole design as a bitmap. 55 minutes engrave with vary power SD graphic choosing walnut as the material for base settings.

I have forgotten so much of what I have learned not doing many projects lately nor keeping up with the forum. This topic is covered in many threads, but just adding one more perspective.

Cutting Board


I know you know what you are doing and the challenges of engraving solid areas on bamboo.

I stick to heavy and/or defocused scores to make bathymetric or topographic maps and such.


It’s too bad it’s so hard to get a good engrave on bamboo. There are so many other great things about it.

I think you’ve done an excellent job with what you’ve got, though.