Bamboo Cutting Board

Yep this was 1000/100/340. I’ve also wondered like Curt where I can see the preset settings. Sometimes when I choose to cut proofgrade material on a preset it doesn’t cut all the way through for whatever reason, so I want to increase the power if possible.

After you choose the Proofgrade material, it will do your operations with default settings. Then click on the manual option in the menu and it will display the default setting.


Thank you! Still learning…obviously!

I’m a newbie! Thank you for this, I just got my Glowforge 4 days ago. I printed the ruler and the puzzle as my test projects. This is my first print on Bamboo and I had no idea how to set it up. I used these recommended settings and it came out pretty good on this mini heart shaped cheese board. Thanks again


Looks good! You should post it over on the Made on a Glowforge category😉