Bambu Lab Textured PEI build plate marker repair

This was a interesting situation I found myself in…

I was cleaning my build plate for my 3D printer and I grabbed the wrong bottle of cleaner. Instead of grabbing the IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), I grabbed the Acetone (100%). The build plate was cleaned so well, it smudged the build plate identification marker (what the printer uses to identify which build plate is installed).

This caused an error/warning message every time I tried to print a new job that would pause the job and make sure that a build plate was actually installed.

I was able to resolve this issue by cutting out my own plate marker (using Eco-Iron On white) and adhering it to the build plate in the proper location. No more warning/error!

It wasn’t perfect, but it worked! I just wanted the message before printing to stop and this worked.

So here is the SVG if by any bizarre reason someone else has the same issue.
Bambu Labs Textured PEI build plate marker
(If using the Eco-Iron On, remember to reverse the image prior to scoring.)
Bambu Labs Textured PEI build plate (1.2 KB)


This is a great hack/repair. Thank you


Yeah, the plate still worked, so I didn’t see a need to discard/replace it.


I guess you can print on paper and glue it on as well.


You probably could; not sure how well it might work or if it would stay on the textured plate.

That was my biggest concern, that the Eco-Iron wouldn’t stick. The plate is designed for stuff not to stick to it, unless it is heated.


You could have just turned off the build plate locator as well.


I saw someone post over on the Bambu forum about gluing them on to an off-brand plate. They didn’t seem to have a problem, but you never know.


I’m just shocked the printer tries to ID the part. That’s so helpful.


I didn’t know I could do that, just turn that feature off. It isn’t a problem now, and I am glad it checks to ensure I don’t do something stupid.

This is my first 3D printer and I am enjoying that I don’t have to tinker with it much. This was the first “tinkering” I felt I had to do and it was my own fault for using acetone on the build plate…


I wasn’t aware that the build plate was tracked on that model, learn something new everyday

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I have 10 printers in my current arsenal with 2 Bambus in the mix, just getting into lasers after wanting one for ever. Acetone on textured PEI is a definite No No. I typically use 99% IPA for routine wipe downs. When I go for a fresh start I’ll wash with Dawn and super hot water. I turned the plate locator off from the beginning because I used aftermarket unmarked beds. I typically only use two bed types with the textured PEI in use 99% of the time.


yep, you can use a label maker, and I can even engrave it n the plates now that I have a GF lol


That is what I have been doing for cleaning also (IPA with the occasional hot soapy water), but this one time I accidently grabbed the wrong bottle… I had to hit it with the hot water and Dawn dish soap after that. Other than smudged paint on the board, it is fine, and the printer doesn’t complain now that the marker has been replaced.