BambuLab 3D printer accessories

With our move I had to empty my garage toolchest (a massive 6ft long x 6ft tall HD rolling chest) to get it up the ramp into the trailer. Now I’m putting the stuff back in the drawers and organizing it as I do. I’m finding organized takes up more room than the “tossed in a drawer” prior “organization”. Most of the drawers are only a few inches tall so it wasn’t especially hard to find things because they’d be in some layer of a drawer and I segregated drawers by content.

Now I’ve got little bins with stuff nicely separated but there’s a lot of empty air in the drawers now because I can’t layer and maintain the organization. (Stacks/layers of little organizers wouldn’t help because the bin material takes up layer thickness and rapidly reduces total available capacity.)

So far I’m dealing with it by either donating extra tools and such or setting aside to put into another large rolling tool chest. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am on the path. I am finding that most of the things out there are almost what I want so I end up just designing my own. The extension for F360 makes things go quick.

Sounds very Adam Savage of you.

My sockets are my first area that I’m organizing. It is amazing how many sockets I have in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 drives. That doesn’t even mention the impact sockets and specialty stuff for the cars.

I have a drawer with screwdrivers and different types of pliers and edge cutters that I’ll probably never bother to organize for the just reason you stated.


Yeah, I was looking at making the “poop-chute” with the GF and it will be so much cheaper just to print it on the 3D printer. But you are absolutely right, if time is a factor the laser would be done so much quicker than 3D printing.

That being said, this X1-Carbon is way faster than my friends printers. So much so, they are talking about upgrading to at least the P1.


Amazing!!! Wow, if you need a happy place … just go look at your prints!


I tried print a large waste catcher for the filament waste, but it failed twice on the large print… I think I might end up just making something on the Glowforge because I know it won’t fail.


How did it fail?

Not sticking to the plate? Getting layers offset?


First layer failures. I am using a heated textured plate, but it just wasn’t staying down.


If you choose to try again, the plate is just fine.

Wipe the plate with rubbing alcohol to clean it. You’d be amazed at how much oil and dirt gets on their from your hands. You can actually just use a couple of lens wipes that you have for your laser. You should also have gotten a glue stick with your printer. Use that if you’re still getting things coming loose.

This is all stuff that it took me a while to figure out. Don’t give up! :smiley:


I hadn’t considered residue oils. I will definitely clean the textured plate.

I have the glue-stick, but it is for the cool plate. I haven’t used it ever since getting the PEI textured hot plate. Of course, I don’t normally have issues with prints sticking to the hot plate either.

I will try to wipe the plate down and attempt the large print again laser. (Running another set of lightsabers for co-workers.)

[EDIT: I added the designs]
I uploaded my first 3D models to
Combinations of these designs are what I am using to customize sabers for co-workers.

[EDIT: I added all the designs into a collection]


You really shouldn’t need the glue stick with the textured plate, but “belt and suspenders” works! I’ve resorted to it before.

Make sure you have the right material selected too. It is each to change things around then forget to sync materials again using the AMS.


I am mostly using the Bambu filament with the AMS, so it is auto-detecting the filament being used.

I am pretty sure my issue is needing to clean the build plate. I might try again later tonight.


So I’ve had the X1-C for a couple of days now, and I’m super impressed. I love this printer! Fast, superb print quality, and did I mention fast? The release on the textured PEI plate is awesome. My poop chute took about 70 hours on the Kobra Max, but I was doing OctoLapse so that added a ton of time. The X1-C has been printing non-stop since getting it. Printing mods like side spool holder, and polyhedral connectors!

Here are a few time lapses for your enjoyment.


We have one but I haven’t used it myself yet. I haven’t attempted to design anything for the 3d printer. How hard is it to learn if I already have illustrator down pretty well - does that knowledge help at all or is it like starting over from scratch?


I think if you have a good handle on Illustrator, then it will be easier to get started. I will tell you that when I first started using Fusion 360, I hated the interface, coming from an Adobe background. Now, I like it, but took a while to learn what I needed. I’m way quicker now, and feel like I can prototype pretty much anything I need. I did it the hard way, trial and error, youtube vids, etc. If you want to see how I use Fusion, I’d be happy to help you get started.


Is the free version of fusion 360 fine? That’s a hefty pricetag otherwise. :grimacing:


Yes, but you can only edit 10 files at the same time. You can save unlimited, but when you reach your 10 editing limit, you just have to mark something read only.


But you can reuse or edit again later if you aren’t working on 10 files already, right?




I’m out of likes. lol Thank you! I will probably take you up on that offer later on! I’m spread pretty thin at the moment but eventually I want to start 3d printing myself.

Do you use any venting for your Bambu? I know it’s not the same as the GF of course, but my husband mentioned that many people seem to vent their machines.


Not yet, but I print mostly in PLA. If you were to do a ton of ABS, it might be worth venting in small spaces.