Bananagram board

If you’ve ever played Bananagrams you’re likely frustrated that the chips keep sliding around on the table. This board solves the problem. An added bonus: You can play in bed!

Note: To create the recessed squares I cut them & added a backing board. It was dramatically faster than engraving them.


How thick are the tiles compared to the… draftboard? I assume that’s what the top layer is.

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That’s a fantastic idea! (And you even have your own bananas for scale printed in the corners!) :smile:


nice, I have enough friends and family who like BananaGrams that I might have to do something like this

Excellent idea!

The Draftboard is 1/8" and the tiles are .2" thick, which gives just enough room to lift the tiles out with a fingernail.

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If you want to make it a bit more shallow you can cut squares of 1/16” material to glue into the pockets. I’ve had good luck doing that on similar projects.


Thanks! A bit more shallow would be better.

You could go lots of ways… 1-2mm felt would look cool, Eva foam might do the trick, various hardwoods would make it pretty elegant… sky’s the limit really. Matboard would work but might not be durable enough. Go nuts :slight_smile:


Actually just bought Bananagrams! Will have to try this.

Excellent idea, and would work great for lots of other board games!

I really like the idea, but know I would want to go way larger in grid count with the way I play Bananagrams!

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I happened to have some 1mm adhesive-backed felt here. I cut it using the same pattern that I use to cut the board, it fits perfectly and it does make the tiles much easier to get out!


Do you sell this, I want to print this. Thanks.

I’ll see if i still have the file. If i do, ill put it in the free files section.
Ping me again in a week in case i forget!