Bandsaw recommendations?

I’ve got one I almost never use. The one I keep almost buying is a 12" sliding miter saw. If I had more room where I’ve got my current chop saw I’d swap it out in a heartbeat. I love the versatility.


Yes, that should refer to the throat depth from the blade to the metal housing/arm.


That’s a nice saw. I have the same anniversary edition, but in the 14".

Look into the Bosch sliding miter saw. It has this folding hinge system that makes it take up about 2 feet less space. Pretty cool from what I’ve seen.


The “inches” on bandsaws refer to the diameter of the saw wheels.

Your “throats depth” will always be less than that inch rating on two wheeled bandsaws.


OMG orgasmic!

Amazon has it for $599. That’s only $100 more than I would have needed to spend on a/c in the basement before the new thermal management settings :smile: Since I don’t need that now I’ve got an extra $500 and what’s 99 more? :sunglasses:


ha ha. I see and hear good things about that saw. I love the fact that it can sit so flat against the wall.

Just the design elegance of the knuckle is outstanding. Simple enough solution to the old tube method that it shouldn’t be revolutionary but it looks like another “duh, why didn’t I think of that” inventions.

I’ve got a 14" Grizzly here. I keep wanting to use it more, but most of the projects I do are straight lines. Resaw is fun, though. I did an engrave recently on a piece that was resawn but not planed or sanded, and the effect was pretty cool and rustic, fwiw.


I think that would look cool too, not cleaning up the bandsaw marks. Glad to hear you tried it and liked it. I think I will be doing the same when I get my Glowforge.

Yeah it is a really nice saw but a real pain to move across the Florida sand on a wheel dolly to the shop and I’m glad I choose to run 220v to the power outlet I have it connected to. I just need to order the proper re-saw fence for it.

Oh, I bet it is hard to move. That thing is huge! You could probably easily build a resaw fence for it. You just want it as tall as possible to support the material as best it can. I see a lot of people build resaw jigs from some plywood.

You may want to build the point-support style of resaw fence (just a high radiused piece that goes exactly opposite the blade). Less binding, more ability to adjust as you cut. More variation in thickness, but that will happen anyway unless you’re really, really good.

Those are definitely good, or you could just do it handheld with a couple of push blocks like @makesomething shows. Take a look at his YouTube channel…he has great videos but a couple of them specifically on bandsaw stuff.

The only thing I’m worried about making one of wood is the humidity here and warping of the wood possibly affecting my accuracy of cuts. but might look in to aluminum.

Usually, good quality 3/4 plywood is pretty stable, even in high moisture environments.

I finally got my new (used) bandsaw yesterday.


Nice one!. You’ll be happy with it.


I need to start resawing as my current supply of 1/8" hickory is running out fast :grin: