Bandsaw recommendations?


Saw this video as I subscribe to him on YouTube, and it is fantastic!


I found his earliest vids very funny :grin:


Agree. If you don’t already, check out his podcast, Wood Talk. It is quite entertaining. They do talk about some wood-related things on there, but it is also very funny.


So for my 50th birthday, my wife / kids all chipped in and got me a Jet JWBS-14CS as I had been joking for a while that my shop sure looked empty not having a bandsaw. I guess the relentless whining by me warranted a nice B-Day present!

The caveat my wife made was to get the one I really wanted, meaning they spent $800, but the Jet was the one she reviewed and thought would work, but GET WHAT I WANT.

So having had a Grizzly 14" in the past, I’m torn. I loved the Grizzly, but the Jet has great reviews and a solid cabinet base. No fence, but so what, I’d replace the fence anyways with something uber accurate and good (I have an Incra fence on my Table Saw!). I know just about anything can be replaced to upgrade and make it good - just focus on solid construction, cast iron everything if possible, and a good motor. Which is the issue - most if not all are 1 HP and not 1 1/2. I will add a riser block to the saw giving it a 12" capacity, so I am a bit worried about the 1 HP motor bogging down.

I honestly have no idea what I’ll be cutting - the beauty and benefit of woodworking - bring on the next project! I don’t think I’ll be cutting my own veneers, but then again if I had a 12" depth, why the heck not?

So anyone here have the Jet and is happy with it?