Bar Shelves

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Hi would anyone know where i could find a file like this. Thanks in advance


That would be dirt simple to make with Inkscape.


I’ve tried to do it but i dont know how to make it

Neither did anyone else until the first time.
Inkscape is free software and is not difficult to learn, it just feels that way starting out because the terms and tools are unfamiliar. Any time you spend learning to draw in it will pay you back with the ability to create things yourself. I was where you are now when I bought the laser and wandered in here.

With zero experience and the investment of an hour you would be able to draw that and open the door that unleashes your imagination.


I would have thought @wenning08 would have something like that in their shop, but it doesn’t look like it.

That being said, it’s not simple as in quick, but it’s not a complicated design.

You can either draw everything manually, or use the tabbed box maker add-on in Inkscape. If you don’t want to do either of those, you could start with basic closed box and edit them…but that’s probably the most complicated way!

Once you’ve got your design finalized - cut the steps out of clear acrylic, and everything else out of black acrylic, and you’re 90% of the way there! (the last 10% being adding lighting)

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Needs to be something translucent, not clear, to get the overall glow effect.

I’ve done this by leaving the backing on the inside of a clear sheet.

You can also use a spray “frosted glass” effect

Or, try and find a good translucent material, I’ve not had much luck with that though, most tend to be too transparent to work well for this.

You may need to add some layers inside the box over the light source to further diffuse the light.

As for the design. Yeah, this is not a difficult design to put together, learn inkscape and free your mind :slight_smile:


Acrylic scratches easily… The bottles would make marks in short order. Depending on where the shelf is placed, that may not matter… But if it is important that it looks pristine, I would design the steps to use a glass shelf, and get the glass cut to order. You’d need to make some kind of recess to hold it, and a support in the middle would probably be a good idea.

You could put stick-on faux frosted glass stickers on the back side of the glass, or drop in a thin sheet of translucent acrylic, for the diffuser effect.

Thanks everyone i will use tabbed box maker and modify it. Im ok with inkscape does anyone know q good tutorial for intermediate


The tutorials Inkscape provides are nice if you don’t want video.
For tutorials on specifically :glowforge: projects try the Tips and Tricks section here.
For videos, many folks like TJ Free on YouTube

There are hundreds of options out there, so if none of these are quite what you’re looking for - do a search for “Inkscape tutorial” and add your specific - you’ll definitely get results!

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