Barcelona Photobook from Edinburgh ๐Ÿ˜‚


Hi guys!

I have quietly been checking out all your projects over the last year or so but at Easter time Glowie arrived on my doorstep and as a complete laser novice (with a graphics background) I have spent time learning and practicing. Thanks to @Jules and your guide I learned how I was supposed to layer up to make my device work, thank you sir :blush:
So I was in Barcelona on a hens weekend recently and wanted to make the bride to be a photo book to remember, I put together a street map in illustrator and this is what Iโ€™ve came up with.

Again thanks to all you guys posting and making the long wait for Glowie worth while :heart::heart::heart:
Also I hope this works :joy::joy::joy:


Wow, you got fantastic detail on that! Beautiful! :grinning:


THis really gets the geographer in me going โ€ฆ great project and a lucky recipient of this gift! :glowforge::sunglasses:


Thank you :blush: itโ€™s been really fun learning how things work.


Quite amazing work. Great Depth . I would love to go there myself as Gelpi Castle is the original family homestead. So many places and pictures you could do an album of all the great places to see.


(FYI, Jules is a lady. ) :grin:


Sheโ€™ll be the first to admit to โ€œnot alwaysโ€ but she is always a she :grin::yum:


Chuckle! James, Martha has known me for over a decade now - sheโ€™s the owner of the other 12,000 member forum that I grew up onโ€ฆ

In other wordsโ€ฆshe already knows. :smile:


Really great detail and thought. How long was the engrave time?


My apologies Jules, I did debate but I went with male as I work with a male Jules :flushed: It makes you all the more awesome! Thank you :blush:


In total just under 2 hours.


And now so does everyone else :wink: Wouldnโ€™t want anyone thinking youโ€™re sitting in your parlor sipping tea with pinky extended :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh perfectly okay - I used to get it a lot on the 3D printer forum too. :smile:

Definitely not my style. :smile:


Long Island Iced Tea, perhaps? :wink:


Have you been talking to someone from my checkered past? :joy:


extending the pinky is not proper for Tea, the pinky should curl gently towards the handle or base of the cup, as demonstrated by Royals here:

if you canโ€™t help yourself, help is available:

but I digress, as is my wontโ€ฆ
I actually came here to say Whoa @lisabenzies, that looks great! I want to see it all finished in book form.


Looks great!


Great project, Iโ€™m guessing the hens loved it!


Love this!! Iโ€™m sure that the engrave took forever but it looks totally incredible!!