Barrel Lid Help

Hi, New Basic owner here. Got a request for a Whiskey Barrel lid. As the cutting area is too small for a true whiskey barrel lid (21" diameter), has anyone found a solution or another option to get that whiskey barrel look but at a smaller size?

Interested to see how others have dealt with this issue, I can’t imagine I’m alone. I have attempted to find other topics on here of similar nature but haven’t found an answer nor have I found any “smaller” bourbon barrel lids.

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I haven’t, but the idea that occurs to me is to cut a design out of waste wood - then lay that onto your barrel lid and use a kitchen/propane torch to burn the design into the wood - kind of like you do with creating one for etching glass.

Another option would be putting a design onto a piece of veneer (you might even be able to get someone to cut a veneer out of the same material that the barrel is made out of so it will blend) and gluing that to the top of your barrel.


can you cut the lid to a smaller diameter?

and take the crumb tray out?

How about, cut with a table saw along a splice junction - engrave and then glue bad together and fill in with some old distressed stain?