Baseball Coach Thank You Gifts

I was racking my brain trying to think of thank you gifts for my son’s 3 baseball coaches. The problem I had was that I received a lot of advice from different families about what was standard and what I should do.

One family said a gift card to a bar/restaurant. For many reasons, this was not a good fit for 2 coaches. Another said to make a gift basket, but one of the wives of the receiving coaches said they don’t like receiving gift baskets filled with things people will never use.

So I was in a back and forth panic. So in the end, I decided everyone can use an Amazon gift card, whether online, or many of our local Amazon Fresh stores/Wholefoods, etc.

So I was left with how to deliver those, since giftcards are kind of impersonal. I decided everyone gets a doorhanger. It’s something they can put outside and not have cluttering the inside of the house, and since it’s still technically baseball season, they could use it without being out of place.

So here it is. The file itself was simple enough to create, but painting was alot more irritating than it should’ve been (it was windy and nighttime when I was making these). Also, I had some issues with my internet cutting out randomly, and it really messed with the passthrough function-I was almost finished cutting several times, but then it when the internet cut out, the automatic line up didn’t work-I had to do it manually and it was a mess for me. But all in all, they were very well received.

Here are my gift card delivery systems-I tied the gift card boxes onto the string like a pretty bow.


I think you came up with an awesome way to present the gift cards!


Thanks! I was just happy that tying a bow with the gift card box on it didn’t look too bad-my furoshiki practice at work.


I agree, so creative and so lovely! I am sure they will be so touched by these gifts!


… or has a right to be. That’s a home run right there. :sunglasses:


Those turned out great! And the fact that you personalized them made them really special. I hope they know those bows hold gift cards - I thought they were just bows (which I think look great)!


That turned out awesome! I’m sure they will love it!


You knocked those out of the park!


Great work!


Great idea

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