Baseball Locker Name tags

Started up our new Glowforge today! After doing some test cuts (including a trial on the trace feature) I started a large job: nametags for our Varsity Boy’s Baseball team lockers. It was cool to learn some features of Inkscape I wasn’t familiar with, and also to run a large job on the Glowforge!

The students are going to love them for their home opener tomorrow!
Used Proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood with standard settings


Awesome! They’ll have the best dressed lockers in town. :grinning:

Did you paint the engraved area or is it just that dark?

It was that dark! It’s possible that the lighting affected the way it looks. But the standard settings for engraving that plywood seemed pretty deep.

Ahhh I missed “plywood”. Thought it was solid maple. Dark maple engraves are tough to get, which is why I asked. :). Looks great!

Great idea. Best of luck to the team this season - may there by plenty of home runs and fun!