Basement bar wall plaque


Trying to find some bar/cocktail glass silhouettes

HA! Very nice!
I can’t tell, are those stickers or glittered acrylic inlays or…?


Made for a very impressive looking sign!


glitter acrylic inlay

draft board back

need to figure out how to glue it all together now


bar glasses printable size (13.5 KB)


Do you? Looks fit pretty well in the pic!


laying flat currently not hung if I life it up it all will fall apart


Glue em all down on a piece of Draftboard.


ya i know that l[quote=“cynd11, post:8, topic:25854, full:true”]
Glue em all down on a piece of Draftboard.

lol ya i know that, just not sure if i should titebond it or super glue, need to test super glue on some of the glitter to make sure it doesnt mess it up


I’ve had great results with mixed-media projects with regular ol’ CA (Krazy Glue). Even the off-brand stuff has worked great for me.

I should also say, that I score my glue points with the Glowforge! Works great!


Perhaps some form of double sided tape? Maybe something similar to the thin type like they use for window shrink film?


Super glue. And command velcro