Basement Vent setup with inline assist

Just another post about venting. I hope there may be something in this for someone. I didn’t want to loose a window as there are only two in my basement, so I decided to vent to the outside through a wall. I went with a booster fan too. It’s only 100 cfm, but I don’t really need more than that since I only have two 90 degree bends and about six more feet of rigid pipe than the flexible stuff provided.

The GlowForge vent plugs into a wall vent like a dryer. I put the inline fan on the other side in a brew closet.

I drilled a hole to the outside with a 4 1/4" hole saw bit and added a flappy dryer vent with a critter screen. I also put an inline one way flap just before the fan. That way I have two blocks to stop air from coming in from the outside.

With just the 100 cfm fan running the two flaps open, so I know there is definitely movement when only that inline fan is on.

So far this is working great. After the GlowForge fan shuts down the other fan continues to suck any additional smoke, but I will say the parts still stink of smoke and there is usaully some smoke still in the crumb tray. I could wait longer to let the parts air out a bit more, but who does that?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Okay, finally cut some acrylic. Yup, going to upgrade the fan to the higher cfm. Pew! Pew! That laser made some STANK! Not that the 100 cfm fan didn’t help, because it did, but then I opened it… definitely needed an extra suck of air.

Some acrylic is MUCH worse than others. Extruded acrylic tends to stink bomb the place, cast acrylic is not nearly as bad.

So just be careful to triple check what you’re ordering. :smile:

Well it was the ProGrade acrylic (cast). I’ll keep an eye for the diference from now on too.

Yeah, if you thought that was bad, you definitely want to avoid extruded…it’s worse by about a factor of ten. :nauseated_face:

where did you get that fan? I actually need a couple for something completely different.


I only found some with much higher CFM rating

Amazon. The fan runs about $20-30. There are several different ones for that price range.
Can’t find the actual one I bought, must have been a grow-operation :wink: … amazon seller.