Basic Dominoes

My first real Inkscape project and one of my first cuts on the new Glowforge, so everything might not be perfect, but they look pretty good to me. Simple double-six dominoes, not the fancy multi-colored ones in the shop.


Thanks for sharing the design! Dominoes are really big here.

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Those are great! (Don’t know that anyone has shared dominoes yet.)


Good job. Thanks for the share.

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Really nice!

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That’s a really great idea and really works on the laser. And thanks for sharing the file too! :+1::+1:

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These are great … Who doesn’t love games?!

Thanks for the design!

Great! Can’t wait.

These are great! Thanks for sharing the design!

Look great to me!

I made a set of double-nines a couple months ago. Surprised me how long it took to place everything as I wanted. Especially when I decided my dots were too small and made them all bigger. :slight_smile:

I gave thought to coloring the dots before removing the masking. I decided against it. I love how wood looks when lasered. :slight_smile: However, I may make another set with color sometime.

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Yeah, that was the hardest part. My approach was to make one perfect domino with the full 3x3 grids. Then copy it and delete the dots I didn’t want. Like this (probably very small when rendered):


Thanks for sharing. I bet this design will get a lot of use!

Very nice. thanks for sharing the file. Well-proportioned layout. Something I could do with my hardwood.

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kinda has a old timey antique look, i like them!!

Thank you for the file.

Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward tomaking these.

did i miss where the file was shared? These look amazing. i just bought the glowforge and looking to make my first cut.

Yes. It’s the first image in the original post.

I totally missed that’s how you save. Thank you and awesome design!