Basic Energy Sword from Halo

This is a quick share for one of my viewers on my YouTube page.
I make awesome GlowForge project and show them off!
Check out the link below:

Basic Energy Sword
Settings I used for this particular Cardboard projects:
Basic Energy Sword // Material thickness .22"

For cutting thick cardboard: Speed: 165 Precision Power: Fullpower

I scored the number pieces: Speed:500 Precision Power: 15

Disclaimer: These are just my settings for the the material.

:warning: Always test your material before committing a Full sheet. :warning:


Ooh - that made out of iridescent acrylic with a light source would look so cooool!


Thank you for sharing!


I never played HALO but I watched my husband and son play them all. I did really get into the books, though!

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That’s awesome! I have heard the books are really cool. I have not read them yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: