Basic Inlay testing (Pre-Release)

It looks like the Glowforge inlay process will be fairly straight forward. I have a pile of exotic wood veneers with a dozen names I can’t pronounce given to me as scrap. Interested in using these scraps in a number of inlay applications. The veneers are extremely thin .02". As a test I took a piece of Proofgrade maple plywood (very nice) and with the engrave capability dug a uniform, flat bottom, perfectly circular hole. I then cut an appropriately sized circle from a piece of thin veneer, pressed it into the hole with a drop of thin glue. Looks and feels pretty nice. Didn’t need to sand it, fill it or anything.


That’s awesome. I’m really interested in being able to do inlays, so it’s great so see someone who’s having some success with it.

Thanks for sharing.


for sure, that is one of my intended uses. nice to see


Oh that is squeeeee! I’ve got a bunch of different colored Proofgrade coming, I was going to try to kerf-adjust for fit, but I really like the veneer!

What engrave setting did you use? Or did you hard-code? :grinning:


Believe it or not I didn’t document it. Think I used the medium engrave for the first test and it worked well. I would still play with the manual settings to get a perfect depth. But was surprised at how uniform and flat the engrave turned out. Didn’t mention it but I also scored the inside of the engraved circle to make sure I had a smooth edge. Don’t know whether it would be needed because I didn’t try it without the score.

BTW: Didn’t use the Glowforge Proofgrade veneers in this test only because the sample veneer sent with my particular machine was also maple. Maple on maple doesn’t make for a good inlay test.


Different colors?! Awesome! Of what material(s)?

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Yes, Inquiring minds would like to know.

No biggie…they’re currently fiddling with the settings, so it wouldn’t have helped to know anyway. (They’ll all be changing anyhoo.)

Might have to mess with that piece of paduak (how the heck is that spelled?). :smile:


:heart_eyes: :glowforge: :squeeee:

be still my heart - this is EXACTLY what I’m hoping to do w/GF - mainly veneer inlays. I’ve been learning / playing in Inkscape, coming up with mandala shaped things which I hope will look good as veneer inlays in box tops. Some .svg’s I’m sharing freely /use as you wish are here:


Just the same ones that Marion tested - walnut and cherry. :relaxed:


No reason why it can’t be done but those are some ambitious inlay patterns. Someday I’ll get there. Still working on baby steps.


No doubt that @cynzu will have the patience and dexterity to pull these off as inlays. Her other art is so complex and beautiful.


Baby steps for me.

Cut a shallow ring in the Proofgrade and inlay.


Baby steps…that’s my kind of thing when it comes to something like this. So cool and so much fun. Thank you.


I’m loving these inlay samples–I really want to try this with boxes. I have one that I did using dies to cut the veneers; came out okay but you are limited to the dies that are available. No limits with lasers!


I’ve been wanting to try this ever since I saw Christy Oates work at

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I had to go to and check out Christy Oates. Wow! Some very nice marquetry there. I also checked out her artist statement, where she shows how she does them with a laser cutter.

Y’all should see it:


Looks great!

Fascinating. Also, lid up and no glasses.:sunglasses:

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Oops! Didn’t notice that. :fearful:

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