Basic & Pro sold out right now


Shipping notices have always been a weakness with Glowforge. Your best bet is to join UPS MyChoice. You will get a notice from UPS as soon as your package reaches them.


“There are no deliveries scheduled for the upcoming week.”

Sad, sad words. :frowning:


Well, keep checking—maybe next week? Good luck!


Same here. Haven’t heard anything yet, have you?


Nope. Not on the “Account Page” (still shows “Delivery: September 23, 2018”), not via email, and not yet via the support contact I initiated to find out of I was backordered. Nor on the “UPS My Choice” site.

Receipt, and then Crickets. Not a great experience after dropping a rather substantial amount on a product. Not trying to bash anything (and still very much looking forward to getting mine), but this is definitely an area of potential improvement for the company.


I agree. I can post here if I get an update from them, would be nice if you could do the same! :slight_smile:




Got a shipping notice from customer support last night (in response to my “Am I backordered?” inquiry). Label was created yesterday and packages are en route for delivery Tuesday afternoon.




I got a reply from customer service with tracking id as well.


I would like to know when the machine will be shipped out. I ordered it on September 14th and was supposed to hear back this week on the shipping date. As of today, I have yet to receive any communication on the status.


I placed an order on September 14th and received notification that it would ship on September 24th. However, a few days later I then received an email stating we would be getting shipping information the first week of October. I sent an email October 3rd inquiring on the status, as of today I have received no communication on this. When I log in on it says my estimated delivery date is now November 30th. I would really appreciate an update as to when I will be receiving shipping information.


It seems like you may have your information (November 30), but the best place to ask for help is in the Problems and Support thread OR via email (but not both). Dan doesn’t handle shipping and the support staff don’t tend to look in here.

Hope you get your GF sooner…


Thank you for the info. Hopefully I do hear something sooner. It’s just frustrating that I was told I will get shipping details by last week and i don’t hear anything.


I understand. Looks like they may be further behind than they thought. :frowning:

UPS lost mine for a few days in transit. The wait is awful once you decide to buy!


Please send a note to so they can get you an update - that shouldn’t happen!


Thank you Dan for the info I appreciate it.


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